"From interactions through buying, moving in, and beyond, my experience at the Bluffs at Balcones has been nothing but positive.

The focus of the entire Spicewood Communities team has been on providing me with a high quality, comfortable home that meets my needs. Even well beyond the sale, my questions and requests continue to be cheerfully and timely received and addressed. I feel very good about my new home and the people who stand behind it."

-Kathy, Current Resident at the Bluffs at Balcones

"From the first tour through the community with Erin to Randy (the President) showing up at my closing, my experience with the team at Spicewood Communities and the Bluffs at Balcones could not have been any better.

They were, and continue to be, amazingly thoughtful and accommodating. I am all moved in now and love my new condo. It is beautiful, solidly built, well maintained, safe and affords a surprising amount of privacy. I am so glad I did not move downtown!"

-Lee, Current Resident at the Bluffs at Balcones